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mickey1601 03-18-2004 12:25 PM

Mike\'s Daily Journal - Anyone Welcome
Ok - Time to let the world in on my training/nutrition. Feel free to criticize, compliment, flame or comment. Love the constructive atmosphere on this site - so glad I found it. Really enjoying the chance to learn from each of you out there - - -

My story: as a kid I tended to be chunky till I hit puberty, then got tall and lean. Maintained that through age 25. Living in NYC from age 18-25, fitness was fairly easy. Did a lot of running over lunch hour, lifted regularly, etc., but never really made gains. Never 'got' the nutrition angle, but still looked good. Moved back to the midwest in '95, where access to food and no access to a gym prompted a weight gain. Gained about 50 pounds, then lost it a couple of years back doing a couple of Body for Life challenges. Then my dad suddenly had a heart attack last year and died four days later. Triggered emotional eating, I guess, and I opted for fast food. Put the 50 back on and then some. So stupid because at this point I really knew how to eat but just didn't do it for whatever reason. I decided that this year I would make a permanent change in my habits - I'm 34 now and its time to eat like a big boy. So at the turn of the year I went back on the program, this time with some really great results.

So far I've lost over 30 pounds of fat and my belt is up five notches from when I started. My workouts have steadily improved and I have not had a week when I have not added weight in the resistance training. Got discouraged about three weeks ago because I wasn't seeing any progress on the scale, but I was patient and I'm glad because in those three weeks I've seen more muscle popping out of my arms and legs than I've EVER seen before. And the waist continues to shrink. Here's the routine:


Mon: upper body (chest, shoulders, back, tri's, bi's)
Tue: 20 min. HIIT on elliptical
Wed: lower body (quads, hams, calves, abs)
Thu: 20 min HIIT on elliptical
Fri: upper body
Sat: 20 min HIIT (running)
Sun: off

The following week I start Mon with lower body and alternate the schedule so that it's opposite the week before. I switch out the exercises for body parts every month to six weeks to keep the body guessing (or switch from straight bar to dumbbells, etc). Starting April 3rd, I'm planning to start the 12 week fat loss workout program here on ABC, which rocks.


6 meals a day, rain or shine
Breakfast: egg beaters or five egg whites + one whole egg, oatmeal or seven grain cereal, water, take the vitamins
Mid-morning: low carb protein bar (like to keep this 300 cals or just under)
Lunch: healthy choice or smart ones meal (with over 25g of protein) and some greens
Mid-afternoon: Myoplex or Met-Rx shake
Dinner: portion of protein (chicken breast, fish, turkey, non-complex carb (whole wheat eng. muffin or toast), natty pb, and lotsa veggies, creatine on resistance days
Evening: Myoplex or protein shake and simple carb drink for post-workout days or a cup of 1% cottage cheese


I use creatine mono, protein shakes (Myoplex, Met-Rx and GNC protein), multi-vitamins, a daily aspirin, vitamin C, vitamin E, an ECA stack (sorry, but it works great for me), aminos, and calcium.

Sorry this is so long - I am feeling phenomenal these days. Can't wait for summer - - - and really can't wait for this time next year when I'll be seriously cut. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

VX 03-18-2004 01:11 PM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Hey man welcome, always nice to see people close-R to home come on here. Looks like you know what to do so I wish you good luck in doing it!

mickey1601 03-18-2004 01:49 PM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Thanks VX - appreciate the local welcome - - -

Guess since this is a journal I should say something about my workout last night. Since I have a long commute, I generally do my resistance stuff after work and cardio early in the a.m. Have been working on beefing up the home gym for several weeks now and am really happy with it. I like the extra motivation you get with a gym membership, but I really like the flexibility of working out at home. Have a training partner that helps keep me motivated too.

Anyway, last night was upper body night. I'm currently back to a straight bench (which has always been weak for me - my tri's give out quicker than my chest for some reason and it's tough to work my chest). I'm doing six sets, the last two are burnouts - the highest intensity is only 115 pounds at 12 reps right now. Shoulders went great - I upped the weight by ten pounds per set this week, which was a lot, but I can feel it this morning, which is cool. Also having a hard time working my back - managed to make it sore last week, but so far nothing from last night. Upped my weight on triceps this round by five pounds (they are really growing) ... and biceps are also rockin and rollin. Somehow I've added two inches to my arms since Jan. 1. Getting pretty close to 16" on the bicep.

I finished putting together a new dumbbell rack last night. Have hex dumbbells from 10-70 lbs. at 5 lb. increments. It cost quite a bit (though Dick's is running a great sale for $.33/lb. right now) ... but I totally LOVE having access to these. Cleared out one side of the basement so half is office and half is gym ... have a bench, ellipical, mat, and dumbbells over there. Set up a TV and stereo to keep the tunes rollin.

Wasn't able to get my butt outta bed this morning so I'll have to do cardio tonight - hate it when that happens (haven't done that in over a month now, which is cool). Glad that spring is here and I can get outside more now.

Later -

Tuf 03-18-2004 02:15 PM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Welcome to the boards and good luck! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Be sure to read as much as you can! Lots to learn! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

mickey1601 03-20-2004 01:11 AM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Thanks Tuf - this place is terrific as a learning resource. Can't wait to benefit from it.


My 12 week program with BFL is up on April 4th. I would stick with that routine until then, except that I've really noticed that my body has adapted. So I decided to go ahead and switch over to the 12 week fat burner program on the site tonight as far as the workouts are concerned. Nutrition stays as is. Tonight I decided to try and burn up my legs.

10 @ 140 lb.
8 @ 160
6 @ 180

Quad Extensions
10 @ 50
10 @ 70
10 @ 90

Lying Leg Curls
10 @ 50
8 @ 60
6 @ 70

Standing Calf Raises (single leg)
10 @ 20 lb. dumbbell
10 @ 30
8 @ 40
6 @ 50

I still feel like I need to up these weights ... my failure sets ended up going beyond what I had projected here in almost every movement. It's time to really start hitting my legs hard - they seem to to take anything I throw at them and its getting tougher to make them hurt.

Today's Nutrition

Had a tough start. Was required to shoot early morning video this morning and had to run out of the house at 5:30 a.m. to make the location on time. Forgot my food for the day. Feel free to bash, but this is the first time this has happened in literally two months now.

Breakfast - Myoplex shake (keep lots of these at work)
Mid-a.m. - forced to skip for work (!) - lots of water though
Lunch - Turkey, lettuce, tomato, mustard, olives on wheat, water
Mid-p.m. - Myoplex shake, more water
Dinner - 8 oz. sirloin steak, spinach, half bagel, vitamins (couldn't take em in the a.m.), water, creatine
Post workout - shake made with one scoop GNC vanilla protein, 2 tsp. oatmeal, 8oz. milk, 1 tablespoon natty pb


Starting weight: 287
Today's weight: 261
Starting BMI: 36.98
Current BMI: 33.50 (needs to be measured for accuracy)
Starting bicep: 14 in.
Current bicep: 16 in.

mickey1601 03-21-2004 12:14 PM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Today: free day

Saturday, March 21


30 mins HIIT on elliptical

Did spring cleaning today in the yard - major overhaul.


Breakfast: Egg Beater omelet, 7 grain oatmeal w/cinnamon, Splenda, water, vitamins

Mid a.m.: GNC protein, 8 oz. milk, water

Lunch: grilled chicken breast, spinach salad, tomatoes, whole wheat eng. muffin, water

Mid p.m.: Myoplex, water

Dinner: Tuna, tossed green salad, 1 slice whole grain toast with natty pb, + 1 add'l. tsp natty pb, water

Evening: protein shake, 1 scoop GNC choc., 1 cup Yoplait light berry, 8 oz. milk, 5g micronized creatine, ice, water

Had a Diet Vanilla Coke after lunch. Need to pick up some new flaxseed oil tonight ... all out.

By the way - had my cholesterol checked last week.

After 9 weeks on the program, cholesterol went from 200 to 152. Awesome. Triglicerides were also great. Need to bring up good cholesterol, though ... it was 25 and needs to be up around 40. Have been eating fish about three times a week, but going to get the flaxseed back in there too. I don't weigh in again till Thursday.

mickey1601 03-23-2004 10:13 AM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Monday, March 22, 2004

Training (upper body)

Incline Bench (5 sets), Flys (1 burnout set), Dumbbell Military Press (5 sets), Side Laterals (1 burnout set), Upright Rows (5 sets), Pull-Downs (1 burnout set), Skull Crushers (5 sets), Tricep Extensions (1 burnout set), Preacher Curls (5 sets), Concentration Curls (1 burnout set)

Notes: added five pounds to all movements this week, except for biceps, where I added 10 lbs on the last three sets


Breakfast: 8oz milk, 1 scoop GNC choc protein, water, vits
Mid a.m.: EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Bar, water
Lunch: Healthy Choice bbq chicken breast meal, water
Mid p.m.: chocolate Myoplex, water
Dinner: grilled chicken, tossed spinach salad with cucumber, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, radishes, 1 slice 7-grain bread w/natty pb, water
PWO: 8oz. Gatorade, 1 scoop GNC vanilla, 1 light Yoplait, 8 oz. milk, water

Tuesday, March 23, 2004`


Cardio (elliptical) 20 mins. HIIT - maxed out on intensity, using levels of resistance to match intensity levels, worked hard. NEED TO GET OUTSIDE THIS WEEK AS WEATHER IMPROVES AND RUN!

Chest and arms are nice and sore this morning. Feel terrific!

Planned nutrition today:

Breakfast: Egg Beaters omelet w/cheese, salsa, 7-grain oatmeal w/splenda, cinnamon, water, vits
Mid a.m.: EAS AdvantEdge carb control bar, water
Lunch: Smart Choice meal, water
Mid p.m.: Myoplex, water
Dinner: grilled telapia, carrots, spinach, cucumber, whole wheat eng. muffin, natty pb, water
Mid evening: cottage cheese, milled flaxseed, water

Tomorrow is lower body day - planning to hit it much harder. Going to add much more weight to squats ... can't wait ...

mickey1601 03-24-2004 10:40 PM

Re: Mike\'s Journal
Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Breakfast: egg white omelet, cayenne pepper sauce, 1/2 cup oatmeal w/cinnamon, splenda, water, vitamins
Mid a.m.: EAS AdvantEdge Carb Solutions bar, water
Lunch: smart choice dinner, water, coffee
Mid p.m.: Myoplex, water
Dinner: baked fish w/oriental seasoning, pb, 2 slices whole wheat bread, asparagus, creatine, 6 oz. juice, water
PWO: 1 scoop GNC choc., 8 oz milk, water, 2 tbs milled flaxseed

Training - Leg Night

Quads, Hamstrings
Squats: 12x100, 10x125, 8x145, 6x165, 12x145
Leg Ext: 12x60
Lunges: 12x40, 10x50, 8x60, 6x70, 12x60
Hamstring Curls: 12x60

Standing Single-Leg Ext: 12x30, 10x35, 8x40, 6x45, 12x40
Sitting Calf Ext: 12x80

Felt great ... next time: increase secondary movements on quads and hams by 10-15, increase calves by at least 5

Ate a ton this week and supplemented creatine daily, but somehow lost five pounds. Feeling much stronger in the gym. Definition really showing up in both legs and upper body ... Friday will be upper day. Wake up early and bang out the cardio and abs tomorrow morning.

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