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gamgirl20 10-08-2003 09:25 PM

EAS protein shakes
hey all! been awhile since ive posted! was wondering.. how do you all feel about those EAS advant EDGE carb control protein shakes? i bought a pack of them and although the protein content isnt as high as id like.. but i think they taste great and the nutrition facts seem ok to me. let me kow if yall drink them or not.

soccerchick 10-08-2003 09:38 PM

Re: EAS protein shakes
they taste good, but are too expensive for my taste.

can you post the nutrition facts?

wWarriorWw 10-08-2003 10:50 PM

Re: EAS protein shakes
I wouldnt rely on shakes such as these, fill the spot with real food instead.

gamgirl20 10-09-2003 03:45 PM

Re: EAS protein shakes
its just something to grab if i cant fit a meal in... i cant really post the stats right now cuz i drank my last one yesterday adn dont have the package... hehe oops.

ShellC 10-09-2003 03:50 PM

Re: EAS protein shakes
If they're the ones sold at Wal-Mart, avoid them. They're loaded with sugar. The nutritional info reads like the back of a Slim-Fast can. Most of the ready to drinks are way too high in sugar for my taste though.

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