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Braidyn 03-31-2003 12:26 AM

What is a liquid carb???
Hey guys! All the help is much appreciated, I'm learning so much! (If oonly I could apply this dedication to studying for my exams......)
Anyways, what exactly is a "liquid carb"?

03-31-2003 01:07 AM

Re: What is a liquid carb???
Never heard of it. Where did you hear of it?

Source 101 03-31-2003 01:26 AM

Re: What is a liquid carb???
I suggested she take in some simple carbs in liquid form in the other thread Krypto. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] Maybe it was a bad choice of bad.
I was referring to dextrose or maltodextrine which mixes into a liquid with your postworkout shake. Or a pre bottled, high carb drink such as TwinLabs Ultra Fuel which has worked well for me in the past.
Ultra Fuel also comes in powder form as well.

03-31-2003 01:31 AM

Re: What is a liquid carb???
OH! Okay. I missed that. In that case, the floor is yours Source 101. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

hilltowner 03-31-2003 01:53 PM

Re: What is a liquid carb???
I get maltodextrin from; only 2.50 a pound.

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