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mybell 08-09-2002 02:43 PM

Basic Diet advice
Ok, here it goes.
What do you consider the most important thing in a healthy diet?

I've been running for 2 years, 3xa week.

Before that I've always done cardio and weights. I work out with weights 2/3xa week.

My diet is mostly to fuel my running, so lots of carbs, I think this is my on going problem. I can't get rid of my extra weight. I want to get hard and lean.

I believe my diet is 80% good and 20% bad.
I limit the bad fats, I eat lots of fruits and veggies, I don't really like fatty foods and dairy (bother my stomach)
the occasional craving for chocolate weakens me.

So, I would really like some suggestions on how to fine tune my diet to get the most out of my workouts. If you need more info about me first re: workouts let me know.

Thanks so much.

Big Pappa B 08-09-2002 02:58 PM

Re: Basic Diet advice
A healthy diet or a diet to lose bodyfat? If you want to drop fat, you can forget about all those carbs you eat. When it comes to losing fat sugar is your enemy

Philia2 08-10-2002 05:33 AM

Re: Basic Diet advice
Make the running into interval training. Warm up for around 5mins, speed for one min, run calmly for three mins, speed for two, calm down a little etc This will boost your metabolism.

Next, cut down those carbs and don't be afraid of eating fat, the good fat.

Try this, and you'll see how fast the fat will melt off.

Good luck!

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