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mickeys 12-18-2001 08:28 PM

Mickey\'s Journal
Leg Routine:

Last time I did legs: (12.16.01)


-Squats (135lbs.. need to work on form)
-leg extensions (not sure weight, about 140 maybe?) did 3 sets with peak contraction and triple drop set
-standing calf raises: 3 sets w/ peak contrac. supersetted with sitting calf raises with peak contraction
-sitting calf raises: 3 sets, peak contraction.. adding weight each time then doing drop set on last set.

Notes: Squats are pretty ****ty, doing about 135 with bad form, must work more on them.



last back w/o: 12.16.01


-dead lift - 135lbs.. went up to 150. 3x10
-bent over DB rows - 50lbs - went up in weight i think.. 3 sets of 10
-tbar rows (had 50 pounds on bar) 3x10

excercises not done: lat pulldowns, good mornings, pull ups, cable rows



last chest w/o - 12.18.01


William Ustav 12-23-2001 12:38 PM

Re: Mickey\'s Journal
Goooooooooooood. Just don't underestimate the power of chin-ups (pullups).

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