Forearms Introduction

Forearms should be taken just as seriously as any other body part.  They are involved in nearly every exercise for the upper body, either by helping you grip a piece of equipment or by being a part of all pushing and pulling actions. So they get a lot of incidental training even when you are not specifically doing forearm exercises. In fact, anytime you flex the elbows or wrists, you put stress on the forearm muscles. 

If you have week forearms, it can limit the types of exercises you can do.  Strong forearms allow you to train with heavier weights and, in exercises such as Chins and cable Rows, in which the hand and wrist are generally the "weak link," give you the capacity to train hard and put more stress on other muscles.  Forearms are best trained with biceps, because it is impossible to get a great bicep workout without placing a lot of stress on the forearms.





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