Single-leg Block Squats

This allows you to work each leg separate from the other.  This stimulates a tremendous amount of growth in the entire lower body!

(A)  Stand on the edge of a block or bench. Have one leg on the box the other off the edge of the bench. (B)  With your hands on your hips, bend at the knee of the leg that is firmly on the box/bench, lowering down (two to three seconds) until the sole of your feet almost brushes the floor.  (C)  Keep the sole parallel to the ground. Pause for one second and return to full extension in about one to two seconds. Midway through the set, pause at the bottom position for 5-15 seconds. You must not rest the non-supporting leg on the ground at any stage during the set. Then continue reps until your last rep, at which point you should repeat the ten-second pause.

Note:  You may wish to do this near a wall or squat stand, just in case for support. Be careful when you get off the block at the end of the set.  

Also go only as far down as you can without your weight taking you to the ground.  You should not touch.  Even if this is only 1/4 of the way down

Repeat with other leg.
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