Seated Low Pulley One Arm Cable Rows

Implementation:  (A)  Place a bench long ways in front of a low pulley.  Attach a one handed handle to it.  Sit on the bench facing the machine.  You should be far enough away so that your lat is completely stretched when you grasp the handle on the low pulley. Bend forward at the waist, keep your back straight, head up and feet comfortably directly in front of you. (B)   Inhale and row the bar straight to your side as you would with a one arm dumbbell row, keeping your upper arm in close as possible to your side. Continue until you have reached a complete peak contraction in the muscle, squeeze then lower under control getting a complete stretch in the lats.  Do the prescribed number of repetitions on your right side and then change Positions to you left side doing the same number of repetitions.
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