Seated Close Grip Barbell Triceps Curl And Press

Simply put, there is no better exercise for mass in all three heads of the triceps complex!

Implementation: (A)  Hold a barbell using utilizing an overhand grip, with your hands about 6-8 inches apart. Now sit on a bench and lift the bar straight up above your head, with your arms locked out.  Having your elbows still and near your head, lower the weight down in an arc behind your head until your triceps get a complete. Move only your forearms here. (B)  From this stretched position, pull the barbell over your head using the smallest circle possible and rest the it on your upper chest.  With your arms close in press the weight back up overhead to full extension. While at the top squeeze your triceps for a peak contraction. Now repeat the entire movement.  You can also do this exercise with an E-Z curl bar or on an incline bench.
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