Seated Cable Concentration Curls

This exercise works the peak of the biceps in a fantastic way!  The constant tension also further stresses the peak.

Implementation:  (A)  Sit at the end of a bench that is right next to a low cable pulley with a short bar attached to it.  Spread your legs about 24 inches apart and grasp the short bar with a grip that is extremely close, 6 inches is a good measure.  Now rest your elbows on your inner thighs and allow the bar to hang straight down.  From here, bend slightly foreword from the waist as you would with a normal concentration curl.  (B)  Now curl the weight up until your forearms touch your biceps.  Pause and squeeze for a huge contraction and then lower under control till the starting position. 

Note:  Take advantage of the constant tension provided by the cable and emphasize the peak at the top!
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