Reverse Incline Biceps Curls

Reverse Curls stress the most impressive muscle in the forearm complex, the brachio-radialis.  They also stress the biceps and bracialis, which give your arms a 3d look!  This incline position, allows for a fuller range of motion and a greater stretch on the bottom of the exercise.

Implementation: (A) Sit back on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand. (B) Make sure your elbows are well forward throughout the movement.  Now turn your palms down so that they are the exact opposite or reverse of how you normally lift.  Curl the weights up to shoulder level, squeeze and then lower the weights again, fully under control, and pause at the bottom to stop you from swinging the weights back up.  These are performed best when you continually flex your wrist upward to further stretch the forearm complex.
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