Reverse Grip Triceps Bench

As far as poundages are concerned, there is no other triceps exercise that can match the close grip bench.  Utilizing this will create hypertrophy in your larger fast twitch muscle fibers, in other words if you want mass these are right in line with that!  In edition, close grip bench has been known to sky rocket people’s traditional bench presses.  Remember, your tris play a huge role in benching!  The reverse grip will shock this muscle group, especially if you are accustomed to traditional reverse grip presses.

Implementation:  (A)  I prefer a cambered or easy curl bar with this one, but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Use a grip with your hands that is 4-8 inches apart.  This grip places much greater stress onto your triceps.  You will be using a reverse grip here, normally your palms would be turned away from you, here they will be facing you.  So a palms turned inward grip (B)  Keeping your shoulder blades tight into each other press the weight up and down like a normal bench press.  There should be absolutely no cheating here!  Concentrate heavily on your triceps, feeling them contract on each press. 
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