Pectoral Compound

This exercise works the entire pectoral region throughout a range of movements.

Implementation:  (A)  Lie on a flat bench with two dumbbells extended directly above your pecs. With the palms of the hands facing in, lower the dumbbells in a half circular motion similar to dumbbell flys but keeping your arms bent twice as much as normal flys.  Lower the dumbbells until they are approximately even with the chest but out about ten inches from each side of the chest.  From this position, push the dumbbells back to starting in the same arching motion. You have completed one half of the exercise. (B)  From here, lower the dumbbells straight down to the sides of the chest, keeping the arms in close to the sides as the weights are lowered. Now Press the weight straight back up. This is a full repetition.

1.      Fully extend arms

2.       lower in a half flying motion

3.      raise in a half flying motion

4.      lower straight down

5.      press straight up

The whole time your palms must face each other!


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