Overhead One Arm Cable Rows

Here we work each side of the back independently from the other. 

Implementation:  (A)  Take a seat on a lat Pull down machine and attach a handle or rope to it so that you can use one arm.  Place the hand you will not be using on its respective thigh or wherever you feel comfortable.  (B)  No with one arm reach up and grasp the handle so that it is straight up and fully extended.  You should feel an extreme stretch in the side of the back that is being worked.  (C)  Begin the movement by pulling down on the weight, when your arm forms a 90 degree angle finish the movement by rowing the weight all the way back just as you would with a free weight one arm dumbbell row.  When your elbow is fully extended backward squeeze your lats as if there was no tomorrow!  (B)  Slowly and under control return to the starting position, getting a complete stretch in the lat area. 
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