One Arm Long Bar Rows

This is a great way to thicken the middle of your back!

Implementation:  Straddle a T-bar rowing machine with your feet firmly on the ground. You may also use an actual barbell as a substitute. Using one arm hold the T-bar slightly off the ground so your back is relatively straight and not hunched. Your other arm should rest on your knee for support.  Bend your legs slightly and keep your upper body as straight as possible, but bent over at the waist. Lift the T-bar up toward your body as you would in a normal one-arm row. Bring the weight up as high as you can, or until it touches your lower chest. There will be a little more up-and-down movement of your upper body, but don't sway or rock to gain momentum. Your elbows should be pointing up and slightly out as you lift.
When finished repeat with opposite hand.


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