One Arm Incline Bench Reverse Isolation Curls

This develop the biceps, and pack mass on the forearm extensors, and the brachio radialis.  Secondly if you workout at home and do not have a preacher curl bench, then this will make for an excellent substitute!  ( note: I still use this, even though I have a preacher, it provides a semi different feel )  Thirdly this provides an excellent stretch in the brachioradialis.  This is a must if you desire biceps that bust out of your sleeves!

Implementation: (A) Set Your bench to a 35 45 degree angle.  And place a dumbbell in the arm what will be worked  (B) Stand behind the bench as if spotting someone and place the arm that will be worked over the bench, with your palm down and allow it to fully extend, just as if the bench were a preacher curl ( Scott curl ).  Again, hold the dumbbell with and overhand grip.  C.  Now Curl the weight up under control, hold for a peak contraction and lower under control.

Warning:  Never Bounce on these or cheat!  This is what causes injuries. 


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