Lying Delt Width Cable Rows

Here we develop the trapezius, and side delts.  This is similar to upright rows except that it completely eliminates cheating and provides constant tension.  For example, most trainees tend to transfer the pressure of the exercise onto the back at the top of the range of motion.  You cannot do this with lying cable rows.

Implementation:   (A) Go over to the seated cable row machine and attach a straight or curved bar to the cable extension.  (B) Grab the cable with an overhand grip and position yourself as if you were going to do seated cable rows.  (C) Straighten your body out and lie all the way back.  (D) Now with the cable fully extended, row the weight up as you would an upright row. Hold for a peak contraction, then lower it feeling a complete stretch in your delts and traps. 



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