L Laterals Concentric + Side Laterals Eccentric

A vital notion that you must understand is that the body can handle heavier poundages on the negative, than it can on the positive portion of the rep.  This exercise takes advantage of this!  You can lift heavier with L laters, than you can with side lateral raises.  However, the negative phase of side lateral raises can will be able to handle these poundages.  This movement works the side deltoids primarily, creating width.

Implementation:  (A)  Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and stand shoulder width apart.  With your arms straight, bend then right at the elbow joint making an L with your arms, or a 90 degree angle.  This position affords you much more strength when compared to normal side laterals.  (B)  Keeping your arms in this L shape, raise them both out to either side in an arching motion just as you would with side lateral raises.  At the top range of motion, turn your wrists down as if you were pouring water out of a picture.  (C)  After this, open up your arms so that they are in the position of a traditional side lateral raise!  Lower the weight in this position.  When you reach the bottom bend your arms again and repeat.
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