Kneeling Reverse Biceps Curls

This exercise stresses the forearm flexors, brachioradialis and the biceps.

Implementation:  (A) Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, and space your hands so that they are shoulder width apart.  Now kneel down so that your calves touch the back of your hamstrings, bring your elbows in and rest your hands/barbell on your thighs or the outside there of.  (B) Curl the bar up in a wide arc and bring it up as high as you can, have your elbows close to the body and keep them still. Make sure to lift in a wide long arcing motion, this is better than just bringing the bar straight up and causing the movement to be to easy. Really flex hard at the top for a peak contraction. Lower the weight again, following the same arc and fighting the weight all the way down until your arms are back on the outsides of your thighs. 

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