Kneeling Dumbbell Curls  

Kneeling dumbbell curls build, shape, and define the biceps.  Doing dumbbell curls kneeling means you'll have to use less weight,  however the arms are able to move through their natural range of motion and you can get a way better peak contraction.

Implementation: (A) Kneel down on the ground so that your hamstrings touch your calves, take a dumbbell in each hand held at your side extended to arm's length, palms turned forward. (B) Keeping your elbows in and unmoving, curl the weights forward and up, twisting your palms inward as you lift so your pinky is inward. Lift the weights as high as you and flex extra hard to get that really peaked contraction. Lower the dumbbells down through the same arc, resisting the weight all the way down, until your arms are fully extended, feeling the biceps get a fantastic stretch at the bottom.


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