Incremental Squats

Specific conditioning is a concept that must be addressed if you are to be successful in this sport.  This exercise will increase your capillaries(vascularity) in your legs and also stimulate hypertrophy in your red twitch muscle fibers, and also some white twitch.  This, like the exercise hits the entire lower body.

Implementation:  (A)  Take hold of a straight pole for support, a power rack beam works well if you clasp your hands together on it! (B)  Squat down only partway on the first rep and use your arms to assist the lift by pulling up with them. On each rep, increase the range while lessening the use of your arms so that by the tenth rep or so, you're using a full range. By this time, your arms will be doing very little during the lift and you will continue until your set is done.  I prefer a slow decent on each rep. 


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