Incline Bench Front Deltoid Raises

This exercise is by far my favorite way to isolate the front deltoids!  The isolation that the bench provides on your anterior deltoid is comparable to that of a preacher curl when working the biceps.  This takes the back and legs out of it, and also discourages your ability to cheat using momentum.

Implementation:  (A)  Set a bench to a 45 degree angle and grab a pair of dumbbells.  (B)  You will essentially position yourself the exact opposite of the way you would on a incline bench press.  Which simply means that you should lie face down, with your head however just above the bench.  Your feet should support you and stay steady throughout the movement.  (C)  Allow the weights to hang naturally, and make sure that your palms are facing each other.  (D)  Raise the weight up, keeping your arms strait.  This should create an arcing motion just as with normal front raises.  Now lower the weight slowly to the starting position.  This is a repetition.



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