Incline Bench Face Foreword Front Alternating Dumbbell Raises

Here we work the front deltoids in isolation.

Implementation: (A)  Lie face down on an incline bench.  Hold a pair of dumbbells and allow them to hang straight down in front of you. Raise one weight straight forward and up in a wide arc in front of you till its higher than your head.  (B)  Lower the weight slowly While concurrently lifting the other weight, so that both Arms are moving at the same time and the dumbbells pass each other at a point in front of your face.  So that you Work the front head of the deltoids directly, have the weights pass in front of your face rather than out to the side.  You can also do these at the same time For a change.  The difference would be that both arms work together. Remember If you do this seated it's a stricter exercise.
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