French Presses

French Presses hit all three heads of the triceps region.  Due to the position of power they afford you, they allow you to work with maximum poundages.  Fast twitch muscle fibers are worked more efficiently with heavier poundages, these are much larger than slow twitch, which is why this is considered a mass exercise!

Implementation:  (A)  Grab a heavy dumbbell and take a seat on a bench.  Your feet should be firmly planted into the ground and you should arch your erectors( lower back ) in as if you were squatting.  (B)  Take the dumbbell and Grasp it  with both hands and hold it straight up over your head.  Your triceps should be fully contracted.  (C) Keeping your elbows firmly in place, lower the weight down in an arch behind your head, until you feel a complete stretch in the triceps.  Now raise the weight back up in the same motion and pause for a peak contraction on top.  That is a repetition.
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