Free Weight Hack Squats

Hack Squats are a pure quad exercise, which means that they essentially eliminatet he hamstrings.  These mainly build the outter sweep of the quad, making the waste appear smaller and the delts appear wider.  By the way, they are called hack squats because Georges Hackenschmidt invented them.

Implementation: (A) In order to perform a true Barbell Hack Squat, you need a barbell and an adjustable rack so you can place the barbell at an optimal height for picking up and racking the bar. Your heels should be elevated by at least a two-by-four so that you can squat with a straight back and your hips will be under your shoulders in the bottom position.  (B)  Set the two-by-four about four to six inches in the middle of the power rack. Set a barbell on the rack so that it is about four to six inches lower than your glutes. Standing with your back to the bar, grab the barbell Walk forward until your heels rest on the board. (C)  Initiate the squatting motion by allowing your knees to travel as far forward as possible, without allowing your glutes to move back. Keep a slight arch in the lower back. Once your knees have gone as far forward as possible, lower your hips to the bottom position of the squat. Be sure to keep your back upright. Don't allow the shoulders to round forward, and be certain your hips are under your shoulders in the bottom position.
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