Free Hand Close Stance Squat To Bench

The close stance squat to bench works the outer sweep of the quadriceps.  This is the area that makes your waist appear smaller, and shoulders wider.

Implementation:  (A)  Stand so that the end of a bench is just behind your knee joint and under your behind.  Your feet should be extremely close, no more than 6-8 inches apart and your toes should be pointed straight forward.  Fold your hands in front of you.  (B)  Squat down until your but touches the edge of the bench, but do not rest or take tension off of your quads.  From here come back up and squeeze your quads for a peak contraction before repeating.  You should keep your back straight and head up and back the entire movement.

Note:  you can also elevate your feet for greater isolation of the quads.
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