Flat Bench Chest Cross Overís

This exercise works the pecs in a complete range of motion, and emphasizes a peak contraction in the middle of the exercise for greater inner chest development.

Implementation:  (A)  Lie on a flat bench with two dumbbells extended straight above the pecs. Keeping the arms as straight as possible, lower the dumbbells out to each side of the chest using a flying motion until you get a complete stretch in your chest muscles.  (B)  Now bring the weights in the same motion toward the starting position, as you begin to read the starting turn the dumbbells so the palms of the hands are facing away from your head and cross your arms over your chest, once they are completely crossed squeeze the life out of your pecs!  Bend your elbows slightly so you can force your arms across the body more and tighten the pectorals. Alternate the crossing of the arms with each repetition you perform. Inhale as you lower the dumbbells and exhale as you cross your arms.
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