Deep Knee Bends

This works the entire lower body.  How to implement Deep Knee Bends

1.  Mass -  Deep knee bends are traditionally used without weight.  However if you add a weight belt or even a backpack with weights in it, this can surprisingly turn into a high quality mass exercise for the entire lower body!

2.  Slow twitch Hypertrophy/ Vascuarity / Specific conditioning -  Try doing sets of several hundred knee bends!  This will increase vascuarity, create muscle growth in your slow twitch muscle fibers and create specific cardio vascular conditioning.

3.  Beginner -  I recommend that every new bodybuider incorporate allot of knee bends.  These will jump start you in your lower body program.

Implementation:  (A)  Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart.  (B)  Look straight foreword and place both arms in front of you, as if you were a zombie.  (C)  Slowly and under complete control bend down until your hamstrings touch your calves.  Push off of your heels and drive yourself back up to the starting position.  Now flex your quads with all your might and repeat. 

Note:  If you perform these slowly they will become more difficult.  In edition, if your heels are elevated, this will place more emphasis on your quads. 
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