Decline Dumbbell Flys

Here we isolate the lower pectorals!

Implementation:  (A) Lie back on a decline bench, holding dumbbells at straight above your chest, with your arms fully extended, your palms should face each other. (B) Now Lower the dumbbells out and downward to either side using an arcing motion. Keep going Till you feel a maximum stretch at the bottom.  Bend your arms a bit as you Perform this exercise so as not to stress out your elbows. Bring the dumbbells to a complete stop when your pecs are completely stretched out. Now raise the weights back up along using the same arcing motion as when you lowered them, it should resemble giving someone a big hug, don't press the Weight up though.  Lift the weights back up to the top and then press in hard contracting the pectorals as hard as possible, flexing at the top is a great way to peak your chest muscles!

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