Change of Contraction Dumbbell Flys ( thumbs )

Here we work the pectorals with a slightly different contraction then they are used to on traditional dumbbell flys.  This change of contraction will do wonders for you in the growth department and keep your chest from a plateau. 

Implementation: These are performed the exact same way as normal dumbbell flys, except your hands are positioned differently!   Think of it this way, if you were to perform dumbbell flys without dumbbells, when you touched at the top your palms would touch each other, in fact you could actually clap your hands.  The variation here is different.  In this case your thumbs would touch each other.  In effect, rather than have your hands completely facing each other, they will be turned downwards about 50 percent of the way.  This causes a completely different type of contraction to take place, and this twist completely changes the flow of the exercise, accelerating growth, when you switch things up!


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