California Presses

This is an extremely popular triceps exercise over here in sunny California!

Implementation:  (A)  First, get in the same position as you would for a close-grip bench press with the hands appropriately close together for that movement. (B)  Lower the barbell to the upper pecs as if you were doing the eccentric part of a triceps "Skull Crusher" (lying triceps extension). However,  instead of lowering the bar to your forehead, you're actually lowering it to your upper chest. (C) In the bottom position, the forearms should come into contact with the biceps and the bar will be lightly touching the upper chest. From this position, push the bar away from your chest as if you were doing the concentric portion of a close-grip bench press. Extend your arms all the way up. 

Note:  A good starting weight would be about halfway in between what you might normally use in the lying triceps extension and the close-grip bench press. As an example, if you normally used 100 pounds for a lying triceps extension and 200 pounds for a close-grip bench press, you might use 150 pounds for California Presses.
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