Calf Machine Shrugs

I often wonder why more athletes do not implement this tremendous trap builder!  Here are just a few advantages to using this:

1.  You can use incredible poundages because you do not have to worry about grip.

2.  It completely isolates and eliminates cheating by keeping you in a straight up and down motion

3.  Promotes the up most safety!

4.  Packs on the mass!

Implementation:  (A)  To do this movement, position yourself underneath the pad of a standing calf machine as if you are about to do a set for your calves. (B)  Raise your shoulders as high as you can and pause at the top. Then control the pads as they loweródon't just drop the weight down! Aim for full range of motion with your shoulders. Go as high as you can at the top, and get a good stretch at the bottom.



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