Cable Dead lifts

I like to implement these as a finisher to regular dead lifts for the back.  I say this because you cannot use extreme poundages, but you can apply constant tension to your back muscles.  After you finish a deadlift routine, complete it with a few sets of cable deads!  This exercise enhances back thickness.

Implementation:  (A)  Position Yourself on a low cable pulley, as if you were going to perform cable rows.  I use an overhand/underhand grip on these, as I do with all my deadlifts.  The important thing is to make sure that you feel comfortable with yours.  (B)  Bend your knees a bit, and allow the cable to tug on your lats.  Essentially your starting position should emphasize a full stretch in this area!  (C) Concentrating fully your lats pull backward and down, keeping your hands close to your thighs until you are laying on your back.  When you reach this position squeeze your lats with all your might!  You should fill blood flowing into the target area!  This is where the constant tension comes into play, as you squeeze your lats the cables continue to apply stress to them.  (D)  Return to the starting position with the cable rubbing against your thighs on the way up.
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