Box Squats

Box squats are perhaps the most functional exercise known to man.  They allow you to target specific weaknesses in your squat and turn them into strengths!  This will lead to greater strength, agility and most importantly mass on the entire lower body! 

How To Target Specific Weaknesses:  This exercise is mainly used to break sticking points on your squat.  If you target them, your poundages will literally sky rocket!

1.  If your hips are weak, use a below parallel box with a wide stance.

2.  If you need lower back power, use a close stance, below parallel. 

3.  If your quads are weak, work on a parallel box. 

4. If you have a sticking point about 2 inches above parallel, as is common, then work on a box that is 2 inches above parallel.  that there will be no sticking points.

Implementation:  (A)  Place a sturdy box behind you.  With the barbell on a rack, walk under the weight so it rests across the back of your shoulders, grip the bar to balance it, stand up straight to lift the barbell off the rack, and step back so that the box is right underneath you.  (B) Have your head back, and back straight, bend your knees and lower yourself until you are able to take a seat on the box behind you.  Its important that before you sit that you lean back onto your hamstrings and glutes!  Do not simply sit down!  Your hamstrings should take the load!  (B) Once seated contract your glutes, hamstrings and hips to get off of the box and then transfer the load onto your quads.  This is performed just like a regular squat, the only difference is that you eliminate momentum in your weakest area in the squat.  Besides this, squat as you normally would.


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