Bent Arm Barbell Pullover And Press

This is an extremely brutal way to work the pectorals.  It also builds up the rib cage and lats.

(A)  Lie on a flat bench with your head at the end of it, with a barbell on your chest resting just below the pecs and using a hand grip that is about fourteen inches wide. Keeping the elbows in during the entire exercise, take a deep breath and lower the barbell over your chest and face keeping the weight as close to the body and face as you can with out scraping your nose. Continue to lower the barbell until it reaches the floor, or as low as is a comfortable position for your shoulders, pull the barbell back to the chest using the same path in which you lowered it. (B)  Then press the barbell to arm's length above your chest. Now lower to the starting position.  Both movements will constitute one repetition. Be sure to breathe heavily, keep the elbows in and hold the rib cage high.
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