Bench Alternating Front Deltoid Raises Ultimate Stretch!

Most trainees do not understand the importance of exercises that emphasize a stretch.  Just look at the extreme growth you have receive from dumbbell flys and sissy squats.  The principle here is the same. By lying on a bench you can get a more fuller stretch in the front deltoid.

Implementation:  Lie back on a flat bench holding a dumbbell in each hand. It is important that you allow your arms to hang downward you’re your palms down as far as is possible or comfortable.  In this way you emphasize a complete stretch of the anterior deltoid.  Each arm should be fully extended.  (A) Raise one weight straight forward and up in a wide arc it is even with your eyes.  (B)  Lower the weight slowly while concurrently lifting the other weight, so that both Arms are moving at the same time and the dumbbells pass each other at a half way through the movement.  Emphasize a great stretch on the bottom of the movement.  For a variation work both arms at the same time.


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