Walking Lunges and 100 Yard Blast!

Your Conditioning must be excellent if you are to execute this brutally difficult exercise!  As far as what it works, I would have to say the entire lower body!  The glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps!  The calves even play a major part in it!

Implementation: (A) Place a barbell across the back of your shoulders as you would during a squat, stand straight with feet together. (B) Having your back straight, head up, and chest  out as if you were showing off, step forward, bend your knees, and bring your trailing knee close to the floor. Your step should be long enough so that your back leg becomes almost straight.   From this position push off of your front foot, raise your back leg and step foreword with it, so that it becomes the lead leg.  Continue lunging like this, until you have reached the point in the gym you planned on walking too.  

100 yard Blast!  As far as pain is concerned, almost nothing rivals this shocking principle!  Choose a weight that will cause you to fail in the 100 yard range on a lunge!  I guarantee you will be winded as well as destroyed below after this one!


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