PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: This develops the back of your legs or your hamstrings. A  Standing Curl machine allows you to isolate one leg at a time.

Implementation: (A) Stand up to the leg machine and place one leg behind the lever mechanism. 

(B) Keep yourself steady and curl the leg back toward your behind as much as possible. Get a peak contraction at the top and then lower the weight back to the starting position. Do your set with one leg, then repeat the exercise using the other leg. Be certain to keep the movement under control.  These can be performed with ankle weights as well.  Just use the ankle weights as the resistance and if you need more resistance, place two
ankle weights on one leg.  When using ankle weights make sure your form is extremely strict!  Don't just lift the
weight up and down.  Take at least 2 seconds to lift the weight and hold it at the top for a second or two, then
lower the weight about a rate of 3 seconds.


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