These develop the biceps particularly the lower area. This does a fantastic job of filling out the lower bicep near the elbow joint! This will make your biceps bust out of your sleeves.

Implementation: Preacher Curls are a lot stricter than regular Barbell or dumbbell Curls, they really minimize any cheating. (A) Position yourself against the preacher curl bench, your arms extending over it. This angle, which transfers a lot more stress to the lower area of the bicep. Hold a barbell with an underhand grip. (B) Keeping your body steady, curl the bar all the way up and then lower it again to full extension, fighting the weight all the way down. You can use an E-Z curl bar for this movement, or even use the bench for One-Arm Dumbbell Curls. Try not to lean back as you lift the bar, and really crunch hard at the top for peak contraction.  Below I shows how to do preacher curls
with dumbbells and barbells.


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