Machine squats develop the quads. When you Squat on a machine, you can work the thighs powerfully and put less strain on your knees and lower back. There are a several machines designed to assimilate the Squat. I believe that doing Machine Squats on a Smith Machine are best though.

Implementation: (A) Place your shoulders under the bar and come up to a standing position just as with the squat. Place your feet to obtain the preferred effects from the exercise. 

(B) Squat down until you are parallel, then drive back up to the starting position. Turning your toes out helps de- develops the inside of your thigh in a major way. Balancing a barbell in this position can be hard if your not used to this, but the machine makes it really easy (if you can associate the word easy with any form of lower body work). Standing with your feet moved forward helps isolate your quads, especially the lower area near the knee, it also takes all the strain off your lower back cause you don't  need to bend your back.


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