Heavy upright rows

This is A heavy cheating movement for advanced lifters to broaden the whole shoulder girdle and upper back.

Implementation (A)  Hold a heavy barbell and grasp it with an overhand grip, place your hands about a foot apart.  Allow the bar to hang down at arm's length in front of you. (B) Lift the bar straight up right under your chin, your can cheat by swinging with the back, pushing With the legs, and even using the calves.  During this exercise, keep your elbows out and up higher than the bar. Then bring the bar back to arms length. This is a power movement in which cheating plays a vital part.  Heavy upright rows are a lot different than strict upright Rows and you'll feel different parts of your body burning.  Also you can use Heavy upright row method to get forced reps after you've gone to failure In standard upright rows

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