Standing Concentration Curls

PURPOSE OF EXERCISE: To peak your biceps, especially the outside of the biceps. This is a great finishing exercise because Its one of the best means of peaking the muscle. This is a very strict movement, but it is for height, so use as much weight as you can handle. The name Concentration Curl is important: You really need to concentrate on the biceps contraction and on being strict to make this exercise effective.

Implementation: (A) From a standing position, bend over slightly and take a dumbbell in one hand. Rest your free arm. (B) Curl the weight up to the shoulder and without moving the upper arm or the elbow and make sure to not allow your elbow to rest against your leg. While lifting, twist the wrist so that your little finger ends up higher than your thumb. Crunch the bicep fully at the top of the Curl, then lower the weight slowly, resisting it all the way down to a full stretch. At the top of the Curl, the biceps are taking the full stress of the weight. Don't curl the weight to the chest-it should be curled to the shoulder. 


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