Alternate Dumbbell Curls 

hat exercise accomplishes: Alternate dumbbell curls isolate the biceps of each arm. This is a variation of a Dumbbell Curl where you curl the dumbbells alternately, first one arm and then the other, it gives you a better sense of isolation, allowing you to concentrate your energy on one arm at a time.

EXECUTION: Standing, a dumbbell in each hand hanging at arm's length. Curl one weight up, holding your elbow steady at your waist and twisting your wrist slightly, bringing the thumb down and little finger up, this gets a maximum peak contraction. Curl the weight as high as possible, then bring it back down under control through the same arc, at the same time curling the other weight up so that both dumbbells are in motion and twisting the wrist of the other hand as you bring it up. Keep alternate Curling until you have done the necessary reps for both arms. Make sure you fully extend and contract the arm to get the best possible range of motion.


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