3 -P A R T CURLS "2 1 S"

What exercise accomplishes: Curls shape the entire biceps area.  21,s are a combination of partial- and full-range movements, they are a great test of stamina.

Implementation:   Seated or standing, take a dumbbell in each hand, holding the weights at arm's length down at your sides.  Curl the weights upward but stop halfway, when your forearms are about parallel to the floor,  lower them again to the starting position.  Do 7 repetitions of this movement. without pausing,  curl the  weights all the way up but stop halfway down and do 7 repetitions of this  partial movement. At this point, even though exhaustion will be tremendous, finish off the set by doing 7 full-range Dumbbell Curls. This kind of pain definitely separates the best from the average. 


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