A tremendous way to add mass to your back, entire lower body and forearms.

Implementation: Stand before the weight in a solid, shoulder width stance (may be up to six inches wider), shin to the bar. You are about to bend over and pick up a heavy object before you and this should be your mental approach.

Bend at the waist and at the knees equally and at the same time. Grasp the bar fully and securely in an overgrip or an alternate under/over grip about waist width (may be up to six inches wider for comfort). Looking straight ahead, your spine in a powerful flat position (not stooped over or rounded), focus, regulate your breathing, breath in deeply and steadily pull the bar to a full military position. Keep the bar close to the body and exhale as full force is exerted. Pause for a second of contraction and slowly bend your knees and low back as you return to the starting position and repeat.

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