Introduction to an Interactive Learning Game

Researched and Composed by Coz

Editors Note:

Coz is a moderator on He was kind enough to design this excellent interactive crossword puzzle for his fellow athletes, so that the readers of JHR can learn in a fun and interactive format. Enjoy!


The abundance of information provided on can certainly be overwhelming, especially to beginners. In this new addition to JHR we are aiming to bring to the readers an amusing way to learn with the introduction of crossword puzzles. Solving the puzzles will aid in learning and retaining what you have read in JHR.

I have also included the feature to "check" your puzzle as you work and if you must use it, then do so. When you click the “check” feature, letters that are incorrect, will be marked with a red “X.” An additional feature is the “I give up” button, which gives answers to the entire puzzle. But to maximize your learning and enjoyment of this activity, I advise refraining from using the "I give up" button until you are certain you can't solve it! We hope you enjoy this new feature and I look forward to continuing it with new and more difficult puzzles in future editions of JHR!

Lastly, this first edition is a puzzle based on general knowledge about the human body, nutrition and bodybuilding but all the answers can be found within this site. Future editions will likely be focused more on specific articles in the JHR. The possibilities are endless and it will depend on popular demand so please send me your feedback.

You can send feedback by making a post in our online forums (Click Here to sign up; sign up is free and takes only a few seconds!). Or, write me at my email address below.



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