Chest Introduction

Your chest or your pectorals are made up of two parts, the upper portion and the lower portion. The upper part is attached to the collarbone. Along the mid-body line, it, attaches to the breast- bone and the cartilage of several ribs.  The pectorals spread out like a fan and cover the rib cage.. 

Attached to the rib cage in the center and across to the shoulder, this muscle lets you perform such motions as pitching a ball underhanded, doing a wide- arm Bench Press, twisting a cap off a bottle, swimming the crawl stroke, and doing parallel bar Dips. 

In addition, because of its attachment to the upper arm (humerus), it plays a large role in movements like Chinning. There is, a very important interdependence between chest and back muscles. The chest will cannot reach its full size unless your muscles of the upper back are fully developed. There are two categories of chest exercises that you will find in this section, one involves pushing movements such as the bench press and the second category involves pulling or flying motions such as dumbbell fly's.





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