Back Introduction

It's hard to say which of your back muscles is the most important. They're all necessary for certain functions and motions. The topmost muscles allow you to move your neck, and they work in concert with your shoulder muscles to help you lift. Mid-back muscles like the erector spinae allow you to bend over and stand back up. 

Lower-back muscles, like the quadratus, work together with the oblique abdominal muscles, helping to support your spine and giving you greater range of movement. If anyone of these muscle areas is weaker than the others, it can lead to serious back pain and leave you open to a muscle pull or worse. 

The stronger and more flexible your back is, the better you'll feel, You'll stand straighter, you'll breathe better and you'll have more power with less pain." The following section is filled with several exercises.  You will find two general species of these exercises though: The pulling kind such as pull-ups and the rowing kind such as bent over barbell rows.  Either way the back is a complex muscle, but we know how to get the most out of your gym time!






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