Partner Assisted Reps                             

To stimulate optimal size and strength increases, it's imperative that you regularly attempt the momentarily impossible. For example, if you can curl 100 pounds for a maximum of 10 reps, but never attempt the 11th, your body has no reason to enlarge upon its existing capacity. It is only by regularly attempting to go beyond your existing capacity that inroads are made into your body's reserves - Mike Mentzer

In other words, we as athletes must continually find a way to push past our limits!  This is where assisted reps come into play.  The process is deployed after you have reached failure.  When this has taken place, simply have your partner assist, or take a minimal amount of the weight off of the bar in order to allow you to continue your set.  For instance if you are benching with 225 and you go to failure at 9 reps your partner might take you through a few more, perhaps one or two. 




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