Article Submission                                         writers are well known for their innovative features in the Journal of Hyperplasia Research. What makes our articles so unique is that they are dense with scientific references, and the advise given is written by experienced scientists. Therefore, it is important for article submitters to understand that any article which is to be potentially accepted in our journal must meet the standards which we have set. We strongly advise reading our articles for a good idea on what we are looking for. Below are additional details which may help:


Topics can cover virtually any field including psychology, nutrition, sport performance, etc. But in the end, they must tie back into bodybuilding.

Article Types

We accept various types of articles including reviews, questions and answers, workouts, supplement reviews, etc. Again, refer to our journal for various ideas.

Secondly, you can submit an article either to JHR or Laymans JHR. Articles in JHR are heavily referenced and detailed; while articles in Laymans JHR are short (typically <1000 words) and practical application centered.

Reference and Text Format

Please follow the below guidelines when submitting an article to us. An article which does not follow these guidelines will be returned:

1. The top heading should be arial, size 18 font, bolded

2. The body of the text should be verdana size 10 font

3. Titles within the article should be arial, size 12-14, bolded. Subtitles may be underlined or italicized. Overall, we are lenient on this.

4. You can use any reference style you prefer, as long as it is a scholarly format.

Submitting your article

1. Before you write your article, it might be a good idea to contact us first, so your time is spent wisely. Send us an abstract which summarizes the article, and we will let you know if the article is of interest to our journal.

2. When you are ready to submit your article, please tell us your  credentials, any experience you have writing, bodybuilding, or scholastic experience, as well as your experience on our website.

You may contact us by clicking Here.

Good luck! Admins 

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